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About Us  

Mr. Prakash Mainkar, the Managing Director, who understood that changing times called for changing responses. His focus in transforming potentials into performance has been instrumental to become Group the No.1 in Mfg. He has been fully committed through out his life, to achieve, his mission. During rudimentary, there was vicissitude in the life of Mr Prakash Mainkar. With all out zeal and assiduity to serve the varied need of the industrial customers and ever impelled by the desire to meet this complete demand maintain large range of products in all spectrum.

Sagar Engineers, manufactures instrumentation and specialty valves. Sagar Engineers manufactures power valves in accordance with ASME Section III Class 1, 2 and 3 under its "N" stamp quality program. All valves are designed, machined, assembled, and tested in Mumbai, India.

Corporate Mission & Values:

It is our mission to add value to your business by providing high quality, reliable products, and delivering the support and innovation you need to ensure every project is a success. Our success is built on your satisfaction.

The values we embrace to achieve our mission are encapsulated in six key words:

No one should be hurt, injured or put at risk through their association with Sagar Engineers. Safety will always be our first priority, in all our activities.

We believe it is vital to protect our environment. Our activities are controlled and checked at every stage to ensure that we continue to meet our responsibilities as an organisation. We follow best practice in sourcing materials, and minimising and disposing of waste.

We are committed to the continual development of our technologies. We improve product performance and value by working directly with our customers and suppliers, and listening to their needs and experiences.

We are successful because we have the right people in the right places, and we are committed to developing our employees, their skills and capabilities.

To be successful, we know that our business must be sustainable. We achieve this by treating our customers, suppliers and colleagues fairly and honestly, building the partnerships which underpin our success.



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Head Office:
Address: 8, Tirupati Udyog, Gr. Floor, I.B. Patel Road, Goregaon (E), Mumbai-400 063, INDIA
Telfax: +91-22-2686 1937
E-mail: sagar_eng@mtnl.net.in
  Sagar Engineers.
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Sagar Engineers.
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